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A Little Bit About Us & the property.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Ken and Audrey started coming to Puerto Morelos about 12 years ago as renters. We knew one day we really wanted to own a home in Puerto Morelos, even when we would travel to other parts of the world, we just missed being in Puerto Morelos, it was home for us.

A few years had passed when an opportunity presented it self that we could buy this property, we never thought in a million years that we would own the very place we fell in love with as renters.

We named our property "La Buena Vida Suites" (the good life) because once you stay here you will know why. There is such a special energy at this property, you are just taken away by the beauty and tranquility.

Once we bought the property it needed quite a bit of TLC, we renovated the pool & pool deck as it was falling apart. We had to take down a very large tree that was taking up half the back yard and it was attracting all kinds of animals & making a mess of the yard and pool. That space now has a beautify palapa bar with swings and two lounge chairs down at that end of the property. Previously that part of the yard was never used by us or the guests, now it gives guests more usable space and more sun. The other trees and plants are also very happy about this as well. When you have a place in the caribbean there is always constant up keep due to the heat, humidity and salt in the air. However we love doing renovations and tackle jobs in the low season when we can. Ken & I have very high standards on keeping the property & suites in immaculate condition. But in Mexico that is sometimes hard to achieve as the standards are not the same as in Canada and the United States. We have learned allot and how to be patient in the process when it comes to renovations in Mexico, but eventually it all gets done.

We love hearing the positive feedback from our guests, it just confirms we are doing a great job and on the right track. As previous renters ourselves we know what guest like and we strive to provide that for our return guests as well as new guests. You will not be disappointed when you stay at La Buena Vida Suites it is truly a hidden gem.

We look forward to seeing you in the Caribbean sun.

Kenny & Audrey

BC, Canada.

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