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Discounted Rates and long term stays

I just want to educate ​guests​ about our ​rental ​property and what we offer and this goes for many ​other ​rental properties on the port side of Puerto Morelos. We do not offer discounted rates​;​ Do you ask for a discounted rate when you stay at a hotel? We are no different than a hotel where we include everything in your nightly rate. A reduced rate would mean ​a guest would use less services and amenities. ​Less​ Air Conditioner (​less ​electricity ​and​ gas). ​Less; ​pool​ usage, ​hot tub​, ​bikes​, ​beach chairs​, ​linens and bedding​, ​Netflix​, bottles of water, cleaning of the suites, washing the linens and towels etc you get the point. The cost to run a vacation rental property stays the same whether a guest stays 4 nights or 30 nights. In fact it actually costs more when a guest stays 30 ​or more​ nights because guests who stay long term don't usually go out as often like guests who only stay for 4-7 nights. Long term guests stay in more, cook more at home​ and ​use more gas and electricity. And unfortunately I've had some bad experiences with long term stay guests so we don't offer long term stays any more nor do we offer discounted rates for all those reasons ​I​ mentioned​.​ ​ We are more than just a rental property, we are a boutique hotel with many amenities and a high quality product and service.

You can either be the cheapest vacation rental property in town or you can be the best but you cannot be both and we strive to be the best.

La Buena Vida Suite.

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